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Ibrahim Kajan

Born in 1944 in Mostar (B&H), lives in Mostar (B&H).


From the thick forest he comes, unfurling his skin. In the ferns he was hiding, without stirring his head he saw the whole world.

Over where the shore touches the ocean behind an invisible screen pan put up his observation post:

Look! Fairy child! Infernal love!

Give me a body of copper! Give me a lithe bend, unripe milk in a flaming shirt, a body disguised as a lizard. Give me your tongue, you cry, your sea which I will never leave!

From outer space, you said: I see you, come Closer.

Mostar, June 3, 2002


I. There is no cure for fate: there is no cure for that which only the Creator takes away.

Where he took away the water, an immense desert he unfurled. Where wheat did not grow, graveyards he spread. And a heart that did not plead for love with burning hatred he filled, so that it no longer opens the door even to its parents, nor to clean grandchildren, nor to kind travellers, nor to messengers of happy news that fill up both the sky and the earth and all that is in between, too! Only to lovers the merciful God has given a generous mercy. Only Love has been made immortal and glorious by the Loved One. He has filled love’s longing with his own soul and left it without a cure.

II. Brothers of mine and sisters of mine! Do not be sad because of my exhaustion, my hunger and my thirst, my nakedness and my misery, my misfortune and my insanity, my incomprehensible speech and my clear promise: Ocean, I am submerging my body into your body and I will never emerge again! Then I will be able to say: now I am complete, for I have perished and gone numb from love for my Love. Now I live in both this world and the other.

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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