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Aleksandra Čvorović

Born in 1976 in Banja Luka (B&H), lives in Banja Luka (B&H).


All the margins have been dragged away by galloping sea-horses On the earth’s sphere I read someone else’s name as if it were mine I sell nacreous powder for blind butterflies I stretch tiny chords for new wings What foreboding they bear in shivering stomachs when they drink the juices of my opulent night With transparent flapping they melt into the mist Reveal secrets when caught in nets On the slimy string I dry the shadows of words They hope to open the door to the last secret And I stand without a crown and await The arrival of the headless horseman


A warrior is a devourer of the heart Who squashes with his heel the head of a lizard For him the organ will not play The sound of the battle horn is enough Bravely he took the Sun for a shield The golden sword does not ask The burning blood overthrows the earth He must roar mightily To scare the hyenas the snakes and vultures That have long been sniffing his trail His shelter is just a cave In which a blind woman Waits for the dawn to break

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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