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Benjamin Isović   

Born in 1962 in Sarajevo (B&H),  lives in Sarajevo (B&H).  


Some kid right in front of me,  

and I was watching from my balcony,  

peeled all the bark  

off the walnut  


and left whistling:  

”Time is on my side”…  

Aha, I say to myself:  

This one will do it again  

(maybe even worse),  

and if he gets caught – he’ll swear  


That one would coldly  

kick a dog,  

and a small child,  

in passing,  

he would hit – for fun.  

And when he grows up,  

Maybe he too will go into politics…  

form some party  

(for which,  

people like him,  

will all vote  

at the elections)…  

People, who say  

that trees  

don’t talk?!  

Then who told me  

this story about the beginning of another war?

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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