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Grzegorz Wróblewski

Born in 1962 in Gdansk (Poland), lives in Kobenhavn (Denmark).


he pounds the earth with his wing I’m a carrier pigeon he says I’m a carrier pigeon he repeats louder does he want to scare me or what luckily I have a fresh bun in my bag I’ll bribe if I have to I fix my tie one should be courteous a glass of water the carrier pigeon orders well yes of course it’s not good to start after all I have a large family a glass of water a bandage on the wing a mirror cognac orders the

carrier pigeon after all I have a family fuck him this shitty carrier pigeon fuck his mirror… cognac… a flat in the centre of Warsaw orders the carrier

pigeon what a story he’s insane certainly sir right away I am well everyone knows I am generally speaking a somebody says the

carrier pigeon that is why I run and jump and run I bring baskets bags boxes and cartons I pick up the money there’s a lot of all that a whole lot alterations changes telephones conversations certainly sir right away right away right away today coffee tomorrow coffee there’ll be everything girls too chocolate tangerines some figs and raisins certainly sir right away what’s with them what’s with those with him with her

I can’t make it I can’t do everything I can’t always in time I have neglected my family only complications but one must be quick quickly today silver a glass of water a kilo of coffee and if anyone dares to curse my boss say anything blink whisper I’ll fuck him up I swear right away right away without him I’m a shadow a glass of water and then I run run if anyone dares to curse my boss

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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