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Dina Franin   

Born in 1959 in Zagreb (Croatia), lives in Zagreb (Croatia).  


to say sometimes at the door  

good afternoon and how are you  

to smile.  

How difficult it is to storm out of breath  

with your little songs  

into a serious institution  

and provide each clerk with her due attention.  

It’s difficult to be chronically ill  

and not be spared sitting in the rain  

by friends that are bored  

and that like limpets  

impose on you  

to kill their time  

of pointless existence.  

My trousers are soaking  

but they don’t care  

and they repeat all the things  

they could have become  

but didn’t.  

They cry over the children  

they didn’t bear  

over wrongly chosen husbands.  

They describe  

how they shake  

from black coffee  

and cigarettes on an empty stomach.  

In the meantime  

they complain and call me like an ambulance.

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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