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Tanja Stupar

Born in 1977 in Zadar (Croatia), lives in Banja Luka (B&H).


He attaches himself with a small safety pin to your neck He is the dwarf of emptiness He comes from there – a few inches off the ground A close associate of the foot on account of shortness He climbs up the leg He grows with your steps The dwarf of emptiness Dangerous on the level of the head He attaches himself with a small safety pin to your neck


In the room we string up plastic dolls on ropes all around We know nothing about this magic experientially we’re empty like God we don’t know whether we have a good excuse for our final goal And they scream convincing us that they’re alive Naked you think better You say ”Fuck them we’ll kill them all”

I am in awe of the cold-bloodedness and foresight I enter the bed slowly Terrified that under your hands you’ll feel the coldness of a doll’s limbs I think about being silent or screaming You never tire of our game.


You opened one eye And a bird flew out of it You opened the other eye And a sun jumped out of it And that was love That absence of a bird and a sun inside you That enchantment in which you are left alone And you fear opening your eyes again For you know not whether there are more birds more suns Inside you

Translated by Ulvija Tanović



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