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Dinko Delić

Born in 1957 in Slavonski brod (Croatia), lives in Tuzla (B&H).


My people, washed and combed, in the morning prays the SABAH-NAMAZ. And then they eat pie, stew, ćevapi or rice-pudding. Depending on what they get. In the month of RAMADAN, vice-versa: traditionally they eat, and then prey – as it is prescribed. With the sun the nation mightily ploughs the field and changes the bearings on the MERCEDES 200 D, and also surfs the INTERNET without faking it, because Muslims out of work wait with a smile: SABUR is a feature of good people. There, that’s God’s day. But at night the people gets excited and divided into men and women. And, look: romantic, in a room with soft pillows they take up oriental poses and – reproduce the BOSNIAK GENE. The people are people. I comfort myself. And other peoples do such things too.

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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