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Dragoslav Dedović

Born in 1963 in Zemun (Serbia), lives in Köln (Germany).

”Frankfurt in October”


The man has forgotten to draw down the shades On his face flickers from the monitor On the back of his head a dewed tonsure The immobile torso framed in the twilight By a shirt with suspenders and on the screen A wild Taiwanese girl shaking her teats

In this sight there is more sorrow than in The chanson about unhappy love coming from the kitchen

The young man watches all of that for only a moment or two Walking down an ordinary street in the west suburbs His name is Heinz and he has just copulated with Ingrid In her loft that smells of bird droppings

Wanker - he shouts and picks up his pace Wanker, wanker - as he disappears behind a corner And he hears in the torrid night how slowly/ and then more and

more quickly The grooves of the roll turn From which like a guillotine the shades drop


A Pakistani boy on the tram stop CNN written on his T-shirt Just so you can remember how all slow words Ride on fast images Beside him a woman shouting after a young man Who told her in passing that she stank She is chewing on a pretzel and drinking beer from a can And screaming and she looks like she stinks Kiš would have described her face as a dark cesspool and Her mouth as Christ’s wound Gut’n Morgen, Frulein Weiss. Kss die Hand Some hundred other faces around about them I cannot say anything/

Two stations further The Nobel Laureate leans on his walking stick descending into the oval hall In order to tell the microphone the horrors of the century Ministers applaud reporters applaud Something snaps in me Like when the laser finds the compact disk: 1963 Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd: Samba De Uma Nota So


a catholic priest from Boka plays the piano and a former volunteer stoned sends a big-busted emigrant to hell – he is an unread writer and she knows German publishers – the sarma1 is excellent and the wine Spanish etc. from some kind of sky Jasko watches me the left-handed play-maker of ”Jedinstvo”2 on a truck with corpses his brother recognised his ”Nikes”

Translated by Ulvija Tanović


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