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Born on February 10, 1976 in Banja Luka . Graduated at the Pedagogy Academy in Banja Luka and later at the Department for Serbian Language and Literature of the Philosophy Faculty in the same city. She has published two books so far. She has participated at many literary evenings in Banja Luka , Sarajevo , Mostar, Prijedor and Gradačac, as well as at festivals in Serbia , Slovenia and Holland . Apart from that, she was one of the coordinators of seminars and workshops organised by the Postpesimists. The workshops included gatherings of young people from all over who were involved in something creative (writing, painting, photography, acting), and the seminars dealt with the following topics: equality of the sexes, antiracism and the fight against AIDS. For a time now, she has been publishing poetry and prose in various literary and other magazines ( Putevi, Album, Plejade, Slovesa, Diwan, Most, Puls ). For three years she worked as one of the editors of the literature and culture magazine Album . She is on the editorial board of the magazine for culture Diwan . She also works as a journalist ( Revolt, Primera, Glas srpski, Minja ).
So far, she has published: a poetry collection entitled "Šapat glinenih divova" (“The Whispering of Clay Giants” Glas srpski, Banja Luka , 2000), which was awarded as the best first book. The prose book entitled "Anđeo pod krevetom" (“Angel under the Bed”) appeared in an edition of KOV from Vršac in 2002, and was awarded by the RS Ministry for Science and Culture while still in manuscript form.

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