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AMIR BRKA (1963)

Born on October 25, 1963 in Tešanj where he completed elementary and high school. Graduated at the Department of South Slav Literatures and Native Language of the Philosophy Faculty in 1987. From 1996, he is head of the Centre for Culture and Education in Tešanj where he has, among other things, established a publishing production that has issued over 60 titles so far. His research of cultural history, mainly that of Tešanj has resulted in seven books. His poems have been translated into German, Slovenian, English and Polish. He is a member of the Writers' Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
He has published the following books: "Prirodni redoslijed" (“Natural Order” poetry), 1996; " Bjelina paspartua" (“The Whiteness of the Passepartout ” poetry), 1997; "Zavičajni muzej" (“Heritage Museum” poetry and prose), 1998; "Antikrist u jeziku" (“The Antichrist in Language” poetry), 1999; "Monografija grada" (“Town Monograph” novel, award of the International Cultural Manifestation “Zenica Spring” for the best book in the Zeničko-dobojski Canton, annual award of the Writers' Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina for the best book in 2001), 2001; "Na pergameni lica: 100 pjesama (1990-2000)" (“On the Parchment of the Face: 100 poems (1999-2000)”) (This book was published by SPKD “Prosvjeta” as a joint edition with the book “Kvintni krug” (“The Fifth Circle”) by Dragan Jovanocić Danilov, a poet from Serbia, which is, as the publisher points out, “the first publishing project in the past ten years where the same publisher simultaneously prints two works by two contemporary authors from B-H and SR Yugoslavia), 2001; "Antikristul în limba" (50 poems selected and translated into Romanian by Dumitru M. Ion, published by Academia Internationala Orient-Occident, Bucharest), 2001; "Svjetlosti kasabe : iz kulturne povijesti tešanjskoga kraja" (“Lights of the Town: from the cultural history of the Tešanj region”), 2002.
His next book to be published in a collection of poems entitled "Izložba sitnih životinja" (“Exhibition of Tiny Animals”).

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