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Bojan Bahić (1963)

Born on July 9, 1963 in Zenica. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo , member of ULUBIH (Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia-Herzegovina) from 1988 to 1989. Before the war, he was a full-time illustrator for the magazines Arka and Valter express and his works were exhibited on a number of occasions as part of collective exhibitions at Collegium Artisticum. He stayed in Sarajevo during the war until the Dayton Peace Accords of 1996. During the war, he worked as a designer for a number of magazines: Bussiness Magazine, Bistro oko, Novi grad , he also worked as a graphic designer for the Sarajevo Winter Festival in 1993, 1994, 1995 (designed the official poster and promotional postcards for the Sarajevo Winter Festival in 1995) and RTVBiH. Apart from that, he worked on the literary editions of Radio Zid, a few dozen books from independent publishers, etc.
He is a member of the Art Creation Service art and design group established in Sarajevo in 1992 under the name Art Publishing. After 1995, Art Publishing continues to operate in California , USA under the name Art Creation Service.
He is particularly interested in graphic design and web design as well as new media, digital photography and illustration. He strives to expand and refresh classical means of artistic expression by employing new media possibilities such as video, 3D animation, audio, multimedia art (image, sound, motion). His efforts are aided by his nearly 12 years of experience in graphic and multimedia computer programs, as well as his extensive experience in printing, desktop publishing and his familiarity with the possibilities of contemporary hardware.
1990-1992 Illustrations for Arka SF magazine , Oslobođenje Publishing House, Sarajevo . Illustrations for the Valter express magazine, Oslobođenje Publishing House, Sarajevo .
1992-1993 Presidency of B-H, Ministry of Defence, design of posters, flyers and other paper products.
1993-1994 Series of anti-war posters. Participated at the exhibition “ Sarajevo 's Poster” in Sarajevo in 1993. The exhibition was later put up in Paris . Exhibition sponsors: “ B-H Art Gallery ” and Jacques Chirac, Maire de Paris.
1994-1995 Official poster and postcards for the “Sarajevo Winter” Festival in 1995, design. Sponsors: "Pen club", "IPC"  International Peace Center , Print house "Geodetski zavod"
Exhibition "WARum?" Multiethnic wall graffiti by Art publishing. Installations, paintings, sculptures and posters, video. Sponsors: " SARAJEVO WINTER '94", “ B-H Art Gallery ”, Sarajevo 1994. The same exhibition was put up in the Czech Republic in Prague .
1995-1996 Exhibition "WARum?" Multiethnic wall graffiti by Art publishing. Dubrovnik , Croatia , Club “Otok” 1995.
1996-2003 Art projects, graphic design, illustrations, interactive multimedia CDs.

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