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Esed Karić (1960)

Born on November 17, 1960 in Donja Orahovica in the municipality of Gračanica . Completed high school in Gračanica and then the Pedagogical Academy in Tuzla in 1981. Graduated at the Pedagogy Faculty in Osijek in 1986, retaining the degree of Professor of Technical Production Education and Computer Science. He worked as a teacher of Technical Education in an elementary school until 1989 and later at the "Hasan Kikić” High School Centre in Gradačac as a professor. After the war for independence of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1996, he was appointed director of the PI Public Library “Alija Isaković” in Gradačac where he continues to work to this day. As director of the library, he excelled at the organisation of regular library activities by realising a number of donations and professional projects. He is an active participant of the Executive Board of the “Gradačac Literary Meetings” and works on initiating the development of publishing.

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