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Ulvija Tanović (1980)

Born on February 26, 1980 in Sarajevo . Lived all over the place, but from 1996 (due to her first independent initiative) she is an inconstant resident of Sarajevo . She started her high school studies in Copenhagen in the IB system and completed them at the First Gymnasium in Sarajevo . She graduated in 2002 at the Department of English Language and Literature of the Philosophy Faculty in Sarajevo . That same year she received a Diploma in American Studies at Smith College , USA .
She began working in translation in 1997 and is still a freelance translator. She has translated a great variety of texts, from building reconstruction plans to film scripts. In the past three years, she has become increasingly involved in literary translation.
She has translated prose and poetry for the following literary magazines: Odjek , Lica and Diwan .

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