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Born in 1966, in Sarajevo where she went to school and graduated at the Department of Comparative Literature and Library Studies of the Philosophy Faculty.
During the war, she was in the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina, she worked at the library in the “Marshal Tito” barracks from 1993 until 1995, where she met her destined husband. She later worked at a number of libraries, but from 1997, with a one-year break, she has been employed full-time at the Sarajevo City Library, where she is currently head of the Heritage Collection. Her field of expertise is the automation of library activities and a new way of organising data not only through the use of various specialised databases, but also through a new management approach to knowledge and information made possible by contemporary information technologies. Her specialisation is also the reason why she joined the Diwan project and took on the task of processing its articles for the CEEOL database. She has published a number of articles on this subject in the professional journal "Library Studies".

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